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12th July 2002

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A photo record of a damned good weekend in London and the Southampton area. These pics are from malc, garfra, pinx and marb, if you want to add yours just let me know. We started at The Trocadero after a meeting up for a lunch in chinatown, sauntered slowly over to Game On, went to Namco Station afterwards, then Sticky's on the friday night, Oll's on the saturday and finished at Pinx's on the sunday with a side trip to Rav's too.

Can't say which day was best cos it was one blinding weekend!!! Thanks to everyone who looked after us on the weekend and cheers to P-man (andy) for organising the Game On meet!

  • Download zip file all pics large format (~5mb)

Friday 12th - Game On!

YAY! This is what we came to see, and it was great in my opinion, lots of chances to newly meet loads of other vaccers, and avoid ones we already knew ;) Naturally I liked the arcade section best, but the 10player bomberman went down a treat as did the movement controlled fire and water Sony demo thingy. Kicking a fireball into another vaccer's gonads and watching him run around with his pants on fire was quite funny. I'm really sorry but I've forgotten/didn't know a lot of people's names, any pointers welcome!

Click on thumbnails for larger versions.

  • [1,2] PDP1 / Spacewar!
  • [3] Pong
  • [4,5] Computer Space

  • [1] Ade playing Tempest
  • [2] The MAME and SI section
  • [3] Captured by a Space Invadahhh!!
  • [4] Playing Space Invaders
  • [5] Banebou playing Tempest

  • [1] Garfra playing Donkey Kong
  • [2] Philip Eaton on Crystal Castles
  • [3] Battlezone
  • [4] Bazfish and better half playing Centipede
  • [5] Marb (James Watt) playing Tempest

  • [1] Garfra playing Tempest
  • [2] Crystal Castles
  • [3] Garf asleep playing Donkey Kong
  • [4] Missile Command and Somebody playing Galaxians
  • [5] Donkey Kong without Garfra

  • [1] Marb playing his favourite game ever, Ms Pacman ;)
  • [2] Mike inside Star Wars Cockpit, pretending to play it
  • [3] Gar doing an impression of Donkey Kong
  • [4] Outrun (Kevin)
  • [5] bunch of people in a pub, Pinx, somebody (sorry!), mike, Bloodf (James)

  • [1] me (malc), garfra, and Alan Pope (cheers pobster [paul] for setting me straight :) Paul was one of the people who playing the bomberman with us, 6 players going at one time and if I remember right he wasn't one of the ones who blew himself up repeatedly game after game. Unlike Garf.
  • [2] malc and garf playing the pachinko machines with no balls cos we didnt know to ask for any
  • [3] View of the Spacewars from above, with Philip Eaton again. There's something awfully cool about Spacewar cabs, its a throwback to when we all thought we'd be living in the future in oval shaped white houses on sticks with 40 foot perspex windows, driving wobbly 2 seater hairdryer powered cars with gullwing doors, and splashing on lots of Brut and lip gloss.
  • [4] Math-J and Battlezone!
  • [5] Math-J and StarWars!

Friday 12th - Namco Station

I was too drunk here to take many pics, but it was loads of fun and the beer flowed smooth and fast. There was a badly maintained Galaxian3 and a beautiful Namco re-union (Galaga and Ms. Pacman) which we were sorely tempted to nick.

  • [1] A big clock somewhere in London
  • [2] A big wheel somewhere in London
  • [3] Pinx just before he robbed the McDonalds
  • [4] Oh God. Three people who kindly introduced themselves to be about five times, I still can't remember who they were. I'd had quite a few by then you see
  • [5] Half an Archer, and a full-on Pman

Friday 12th - Sticky's

We retired to stickys for a bit of a surreal giggly pissup, after a very interesting train trip during which we noticed some people having sex next to us (not vaccers I don't think) Followed by a morning of light headaches and gnomes and a few games of sticky's asteroids!! Thanks to Ruth for putting up with us loudly snoring Scots, and the very thoughtful provision of Irn Bru. And no, none of us know what the hell that last pic is. Looks a bit rude though doesn't it?

  • [1] Pinx and The Hat
  • [2] Sticky and The Hat
  • [3] Me and The Hat (malc)
  • [4] Marb and The Hat
  • [5] A very blurry Shrediknight!!

  • [1] Sticky mid-sentence
  • [2] me and a couple of friends
  • [3] Oll with a rocky in his pants
  • [4] me and a friend again. I took him home with me.
  • [5] me re-enacting the Tribble episode, asleep. There was quite a lot of this "placing objects on sleeping bodies going on"

  • [1] Garf caught in the act of putting plushies on people trying to get some shut-eye
  • [2] me trying to cope with morning
  • [3] I'm positive I can see the face of the baby Jesus in there somewhere
  • [4] I'm pretty sure it's somebody's thumb. Or sticky's bum. You decide. If you see something that looks like somebody shoving something sharp up somebody elses arse, then you've got the same mental issues as me.

Saturday 13th - Oll's

All day saturday was at Oll's, some fine cabs and pinnies, man oll has understanding and downright excellent parents... Wandering around playing the obscene amount of working cabs, trying em all out was a completely brilliant nostalgic experience, probably the most fun I've had outside of an arcade. Special credit must go to Oll's dad for oh-so-nearly fixing a garden bench. And Oll's mum who went and got pizzas too. A whole day wasn't long enough :)

  • [1] Assault, I want one of these.
  • [2] Asteroids Deluxe. I want one of these.
  • [3] Black Widow. I want one of these.
  • [4] Loads more cabs. Gimme gimme.
  • [5] Another couple of cabs. I want an I, Robot too.

  • [1] Dragon's Lair II, The Ungame.
  • [2] Even more cabs.
  • [3] Garf and malc playing pinnies, whilst Pinxy (lisa) looks on.
  • [4] Marb playing I, Robot, with mikeb in background playing Black Widow.
  • [5] Malc playing Star Wars. I want one of them. Gar looking on.

  • [1] malc drinking
  • [2] Marb and Mikeb playing Space Duel
  • [3] Oll's infamous Megalo2.
  • [4] mikeb and garfra (with his usual intense loonie stare)
  • [5] Incredibly beautiful in an ugly way, Moon Alien artwork.

  • [1] more gratuitous pics of cabs
  • [2] Gar and mikeb still super-megaloing
  • [3] Couple of tasty pinballs
  • [4] Pinx discovers his fingers and tries to make a helicopter out of them
  • [5] Staaaaaaaar Waaaaaaaaars!!! I WANT ONE OF THEM!!!

  • [1] Pinxy playing Pinball. Good pic that.

Sunday 14th - Pinx's (morning)

Brilliant barbecue fuelled day! Cheers to Mrs Pinxy (Lisa) for mucho hard work being a brill host! We had a stoater of a barbie (as we say in Glasgow) with loads of food, which I tried very hard to make a dent in (about 9 hamburgers and 3 plates of nice salady stuff). Pinx's garage is a great personal arcade, all set up ready to play, on which we left a few hiscores for him to try to beat on Pulstar and Super Star Solder. Hah! Very sunny day, luckily we had plenty of beer eh? Well anyway, this mostly is of us in the morning, pre-barbie, before we nipped out to crash Rav's...

  • [1] I don't think that's road legal, but it was smart as hell anyway.
  • [2] That definitely was the most unsafe car though, looked like someone had sellotaped a couple of bikes and an armchair together. You'll have to squint a bit to see it.
  • [3] Garf, Pinx and Marb, small arcades are sometimes the best eh? Can't beat a row of friends playing on a row of machines, and three is enough to make a bona fide row.
  • [4] Garf playing Pulstar (not rtype2, doh)
  • [5] Marb with that "Gimme a beer now" look

  • [1] Marb on Pinx's Over Drive (not bad wee game actually!)
  • [2] Mikeb doing a very good impression of a pregnant woman.
  • [3] Pinx tries to top my Super Star Soldier score, to no avail
  • [4] Sticky tries new Super Monkey Ball tactic by not looking at the screen.
  • [5] Mikeb, Garf, Oll and Sticky shun the sun

Sunday 14th - Rav's

Nipped down the R-Zone for a quick play - Rav has some quite nice cabs eh? The Williams wonderwall was a heart-stopping sight, after a quick bit of mutual pulmonary massage we traipsed down to a securely locked big shed thing, full of goodies!

  • [1] Rav, Marb, Pinx giving Garf a love-bite.
  • [2] Malc and Garf trying desperately to show our good sides before the flash went off.
  • [3] Right hand half of Williams Wall
  • [4] Left hand half of Williams Wall
  • [5] Budweiser Tapper

  • [1] Rav's Wooden Blaster! Ohhhh
  • [2] Open Sesame!
  • [3] Oohhhh, ohhh, look at those cabs, oooh. Joust 2 eh? Stargate!!
  • [4] Marb, nicely framed by LOTS of cabs
  • [5] Juno First cab (I want one of these too)

  • [1] R-Type! Never had a go on this, but I should have. Oooh.
  • [2] Some real beauts - Tac Scan! Asteroids! Dig Dug!
  • [3] Part of a Bosconian, Galaga and Pacman
  • [4] Asteroids Deluxe
  • [5] Berzerk!

  • [1] Gar playing Stargate (dammit I forgot to have a go myself)
  • [2] Marb Playing Mad Planets
  • [3] Stargate again
  • [4] More Joust 2
  • [5] Tron

  • [1] Bit blurry I know, but I can't resist rows of cabs.
  • [2] Pinx on Gyruss
  • [3] Rav's Parrot thingy (not pinxy's birdies as I had previously alleged)

Sunday 14th - Pinx's (afternoon)

Back for the barbie, and a group hug. For some reason everyone thought I (malc) looked like Jeremy from Jeremy's Airport. Don't see the resemblance much meself! Extreme chilling on a sunday afternoon, warm waves of pure pleasure wafting over us, lovely end to the weekend. Unfortunately we had to LEAVE after this! Boo hoo!!

  • [1] Marb chilling
  • [2] L>R Marb, Oll, Malc, Gar, Sticky, Mikeb, Pinxy (Lisa)
  • [3] L>R Marb, Oll, Malc, Gar, Sticky, Pinx, Mikeb
  • [4] L>R Marb, Oll, Malc (avoiding a certain camera hogger), Gar (being an immature camera hogger), Sticky, Pinx, Mikeb
  • [5] Gar failing to beat Pinxy at Swingball

  • [1] Pinx's sturdy legs
  • [2] Malc succeeding to beat Pinxy at Swingball (well, once at least)
  • [3] Pinx being gentleman-like whilst Oll finds something interesting in his pocket
  • [4] Me trying to look like Jeremy Fucking Spake even though I dont look ANYTHING like the twat ;)

Game Over!

What an exceptional weekend - thanks to EVERYONE for making it the best ever!

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