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JAP list
Castlevania Chronicles Konami platform
Coyboy Bebop Bandai 3d shooter
Darius G Taito shmup
Einhander Square shmup
Floating Runner Kokopeli 3d platform
Galaxian 3 namco 3d blaster
Geppy X Aroma shmup
Gradius Gaiden konami shmup
In The Hunt Xing shmup
Namco Museum 5 namco misc
Parappa the Rapper Sony bemani
Philosoma Sony shmup
Raiden DX Seibu shmup
Ray Crisis Taito shmup
Raystorm Taito shmup
Ridge Racer 4 with special pad namco racer
R-Type Delta irem shmup
Sexy Parodius Konami shmup
Silhouette Mirage Treasure platform
Sol Divide Psikyo shmup
Street Fighter Real Battle Capcom fighter
Strider 1 & 2 Capcom platform
Strikers 1945 II Psikyo shmup
Tekken Namco fighter
Time Crisis Namco lightgun
Toaplan Shooting Battle 1 Toaplan shmup
Xevious 3DG namco shmup
X-Multiply Xing shmup
Zanac X Zanac compile shmup
Zero Divide Zoom fighter
UK list
Arcade Party Pak Midway misc
Bust a Move 2 Acclaim puzzle
Capcom Generations Complete Capcom misc
Castlevania Symphony of the Night Limited edition Konami platform
Landmaker Taito puzzle
Megaman 8 Capcom platform
Millennium Soldier Infogrames shmup
Mobile Light Force XS shmup
R-Types Irem shmups
R-Type Delta irem shmup
Silent Bomber Studio 3 bombemup
Tempest X3 Interplay tempest
Vib Ribbon Sony ???
V Rally II Infogrames racer
Williams Greatest Hits Williams misc
X2 Team 17 shmup
Yoyo's Puzzle park irem platform
USA list
Activision Atari 2600 classics activision misc
Activision Intellivision classics activision misc
Asteroids Activision asteroids
Breath of Fire III Capcom RPG
Crypt Killer Konami lightgun
Final Fantasy VII Square RPG
Final Fantasy VIII Square RPG
Irritating Stick Jaleco puzzle
Konami Arcade Classics Konami misc
Megaman X5 Capcom Platform
Metal Gear Solid Konami stealthemup
Midway Atari Collection 2 Midway misc
Midway Greatest Hits Collection 2 Midway misc
Namco Museum 3 namco misc
Nanotek Warrior Tetragon shootemup
One ASC platform
Thunderforce V Working Designs shmup
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