1. Harris Dual Trace 20MHZ Osciloscope with Z input, ideal for hooking up to Vector game pcbs such as Asteroids & Star Wars etc...
and be able to test the game pcb on the bench and see what its actually displaying. Also very good for probing clock circuits.
2. Leap Electronics EPROM Eraser, handy for erasing old used EPROMS ready for re-programming.
3. Velleman Lab-1 Variable power supply / Digital Multimeter / Heavy duty Soldering iron, great for soldering stuff with large tracks and solder plains such as Arcade power supplies.
4. Honeytek Capacitance meter, for testing the uf (mfd) ratings of capacitors to check they are still within their tolerances.
5. Altai Digital Multimeter (manual ranging) this one i use with my HV probe 7 for discharging monitor cathode ray tubes (CRT) or for measuring the HV at the tube when the monitor is turned on during adjustments.
6. Fluke Digital Multimeter (auto ranging) this one is my favourite and gets used as my general multimeter in the workshop or out on site, couldnt be without it, great for checking continuity in circuits, metering components such as Transistors, Resistors, Diodes etc...
7. Fluke High Voltage (HV) Probe, as already mention'd, for discharging monitors in a safe and controlled manner.
8. Draper Expert Pliers, regular and needle nosed, great for holding stuff and generally gripping bits that are a bit fiddly when soldering.
9. Knipex Side cutters and precision Side cutters, ideal for general wire cutting or for snipping legs on logic IC's when still soldered to game pcb's.
10. RS Wire strippers and next to it on left with Red handles Rachet Crimpers, not to be confused with the cheap rubbish you can buy on ebay !
11. KandH Logic Probe, essential for probing logic states in TTL logic IC's (74xxx series) and at the flick of a switch it'll do CMOS (4000 series) too.
12. Hewlett Packard Logic Comparator, great for comparing TTL logic IC's still in circuit on a game pcb against a new known working IC.
13. Draper Expert Insulated Screwdrivers, complete range (flat, posidrive, phillips) and sizes.
14. RS IC chip straightener, for straightening the pins on Roms, Eproms, TTL and CMOS chips.
15. RS Liquid Flux, for helping to remove stubborn solder from old game pcbs.
16. Maplins Solder Braid (Mop) and De-Solder pumps, when not using the Desoldering station 18 i use these for removing solder on really fiddly and small solder pads and i personally much prefer the braid for delicate work...
17. Metcal RF Inteligent heat soldering station, Switch on and its ready to go in 4 SECONDS ! Only heats the area your working on, so it'll chuck more heat at a bigger area or less heat at a smaller one, amazing soldering station and every pcb repair person should have one...
18. Hakko Desoldering Station, has a trigger activated gun shaped iron that heats the solder and sucks it away, great if you have a load of Rom sockets you need to replace or a whole bank of Ram needs desoldering.
19. Fluke 9010A Trouble shooter, you remove the Processor from a game pcb, take a Z80 for instance common on alot of pcb's, insert a Fluke Pod into the empty socket and connect it to this and you can then run Ram and Rom and Data bus checks you can even run the unit under test.


20. Altai Analogue multimeter (manual ranging) this one i use for testing potentiometers, if the needle doesnt give a nice smooth sweep as you adjust the pot under test, you know its on its way out.
21. Dataman S4 Portable Eprom Programmer for programming, testing and comparing Eproms and Proms.